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What experts, reviewers and readers around the world have written about Who on Earth was Jesus?



‘David Boulton’s book is simply the best and most thorough account of the breadth and variety of historical Jesus scholarship. Lively, informed, fair, and highly recommended.’  MARCUS BORG, Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture, Oregon State University, and former Chair, Historical Jesus Section, Society of Biblical Literature

An amazingly good synthesis of historical Jesus scholarship. Boulton gives an overview of several factions of Jesus scholars, comparing their conclusions and explaining their theses. His scope is as wide-ranging as it is even-handed; from theologians to scholars to popes, he distils their thoughts into a comprehensible and comprehensive survey of the best of contemporary thinkers... Readers will find no overt proselytizing in this book. Instead, the author treats them to an unbiased look at the ever-changing discipline of Jesus studies. This book is not to be missed.’ JANA REISS, Religious Editor, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

‘This 448-page book is nothing short of astounding. Although there is an immense amount of material, the format is so concise and well planned that you never get lost. It’s like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, masterfully assembled... I recommend this labor of love to all who have questions and are open-minded enough to process the amazing answers.’ RIKI FRAHMANN, PLANET STARZ



To get an accurate sense of the sweep of scholarship would require one to read hundreds of books. Or one could simply pick up David Boulton’s new book... He has done an immense service to the reading public by tracing the various scholarly theories and schools of thought in this highly complex (and often confusing) area... presenting us with a précis of each scholar’s key insights and conclusions in a way that is remarkably even-handed and fair...More than just a “who’s who” of Jesus scholarship, it also provides an excellent overview of modern New Testament studies in general, explaining sources and methods, terminology and major discoveries... An accurate, informed and witty guide to an important but daunting topic. David Boulton succeeds admirably in doing what few have had the courage to attempt.’ MURRAY WATSON, CATHOLIC REGISTER

‘His exhaustive summary of the modern quest for the Jesus of history is as much required reading for those with no sympathy for religion as for religion’s crazier adherents.’ CANADIAN CENTRE FOR PROGESSIVE CHRISTIANITY



‘Apart from the excitement of the historical quest, here is the perfect resource for people who want a one-volume guide to a multi-volume industry.’ RICHARD HOLLOWAY, Former Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

At no level, popular, student or specialist, have I encountered so comprehensive and comprehensible a presentation of the issues involved. It is a book which should not merely be read but fought over until it is dog-eared and tattered... An important service to gospel studies which will be appreciated and argued over by Christians and non-Christians alike.HENRY WANSBROUGH, General Editor of the NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE

‘A monumental story told with dispassionate clarity, looking fairly at contributions from both orthodox and unorthodox research.’ JUDY KIRBY, Editor, THE FRIEND

‘The book I always wanted to read but never knew existed – till now!’ BBC RADIO ‘SUNDAY BREAKFAST SHOW’

‘David Boulton approaches the subject objectively as an investigative journalist, to produce one of the most readable, non-academic, informative accounts I have come across.’ THEGOODBOOKSTALL.ORG.UK



‘A unique treasure. Fair, objective, exhaustive, scholarly, yet lucidly written for the non-academic reader. Masterly!’ LLOYD GEERING, internationally renowned philosopher of religion

... and a sample of readers’ comments:

‘It especially speaks to those of us who have only dabbled in this area, but wished we had a better understanding of the basic underlying facts and the state of agreed scholarly consensus. David Boulton does a masterful job of organizing the landscape in terms of sources and texts and then interpretations of same. His wit gives it a light touch. One ends up feeling like one has been able to digest an overview of some serious scholarly insights and controversies by virtue of a lot of goodwill and fine humor.’ JH, USA

‘This is a gift to the world, democratically presented and priced, as one would only expect from David Boulton, for his most important contribution so far to the arrival of the republic of heaven on earth.’ CB, LONDON

‘This is going to be my “desert island” book, along with Shakespeare and the Bible! It’s a book that can’t be exhausted in a single reading. You just find yourself going back to it time and time again, and finding some new jewel of an insight every time.’ JP, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA


From Helen Goggin, Snowstar Institute, Canada:  “I bought a copy of Who on Earth was Jesus? to see if I could use it with a women’s study group I have been leading for ten years. I recommended it even before I finished it! Not only was it a challenging and deeply meaningful book for me to read, I soon realized the quality of the writing was such that I could use it with my lay study group with the assurance that they would have no trouble reading it. We finished it this month (June 2009) after spending ten months reading it, and the consensus was that it was one of the best books they had done; they had learned so much and could understand it, the academic jargon being at a minimum... The women in my group and I can’t thank you enough for writing this book.


‘... a book which should not merely be read but fought over until it is dog-eared and tattered...’



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