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Historical Jesus - www.historicaljesus.com   
Who on EARTH was JESUS?




Welcome to historicaljesus.com   Here, on a single site, you can find a wealth of information about the modern quest for the historical Jesus. 

Whether you approach the subject as a theologian or a historian, a believer or non-believer, an academic or a layperson, a beginner or a seasoned ‘Jesus detective’, you’ll be guided towards the best in modern critical scholarship on the Jesus of history.

There are as many books about the human Jesus as there are words in the Bible, not to mention a vast accumulation of articles and websites. But Who on Earth was Jesus? has been described as ‘the perfect resource for people who want a one-volume guide to a multi-volume industry’.

Now click on the appropriate key-word on the menu on the left to find out more about the book, the author, summary of contents, extracts, reviews, readers’ comments, and more...


‘At no level, popular, student or specialist, have I encountered so comprehensive and comprehensible a presentation of the issues involved’ - Henry Wansbrough, Editor, The New Jerusalem Bible

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